New to Bitcoin Futures Trading? Practice Risk-Free with a Demo Account

For the first time since 2015, bitcoin has started the new year with a crash. Trading as low as $12,750


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Merrill Lynch, a major US-based bank that was acquired by Bank of America in 2011, has reportedly banned its clients


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ZCash VS Bitcion Could Go Over 100% UP

ZCash found the support at 327.2% Fibonacci retracement, applied to the corrective wave up, after breaking the btc 0.75 support.


Litecoin Dropped More Than 10% One Week After Hitting Record High

After reports surfaced that South Korea might be planning to shut down exchanges, a number of cryptocurrencies took a plunge


Viberate Adds VIB Token to Its Remuneration System

Viberate is an aspiring Slovenian-based startup devoted to live music industry. On the official website, digital platform sets among its major


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A lot of people are frustrated about the way Bitcoin works right now. High fees, slow transactions, and a lack


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Today it is obvious that there is a worldwide growth in the comprehensive popularity of social networks among users around


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Bitcoin Is Asset Class for Stupid Speculators, Says David Stockman

Former businessman and politician David Stockman has opined that Bitcoin is headed for a “spectacular crash” because it does not


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Bitcoin is losing its dominance by the day, with its share of the total market cap falling to a record


Central Bank of the Philippines Plans to Regulate Bitcoin

Bankgo Central ng Pilipinas (BSP) is looking to regulate bitcoin and other digital assets in the Philippines. Seeking Guidance in


Bitcoin Tax Payable, Remains a Headache for the IRS

Tax on cryptocurrency transactions has been a long-debated issue, with most investors gleefully enjoying the lack of specific legislation thereon


Governments Using Crypto as a Reason to Spy on Us

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin pioneered the way for cryptocurrencies and has boomed into mainstream consciousness in 2017. Blockchain